Day of Shecurity: San Francisco Re-Cap & Boston 2019 Planning Underway!


Hello Friends,

June 16th, 2018 in San Francisco, California; three organizations (Lookout Security, OWASP & brainbabe) collaborated & launched a one day conference unlike ANY other in the cybersecurity industry called: Day of Shecurity or DoS. A free-to-attend one-day hands-on mini-conference for women in technology interested in cybersecurity. This mini-conference focused on creating positive disruption through these key ACTIONS:

  • provide FREE up-skill technical & soft-skill training that empower attendees & fill their career tool-kit with skills they can use the next day to help advance their careers in cybersecurity or even better: enter the cybersecurity industry.
  • advocate the inclusion of women & the need for diversification within the cybersecurity industry by creating an environment where ally-ships & mentorships thrive & result in knowledge sharing
  • empower women & under-represented minorities to enter the cybersecurity industry by introducing cyber career intelligence for ALL educational disciplines & backgrounds to succeed in the cybersecurity industry
  • provide a cyber career village with sponsors who believe that inclusivity & diversification within their organization is a market differentiator & leads to short-term & long-term organizational success

These actions are bold and demonstrate our commitment to REMOVE BARRIERS AND CREATE opportunities in cybersecurity for ANYONE; regardless of gender, ethnicity or educational background.

How did we do?

  • 250+ registrations sold out within hours of going live
  • Waitlist of 100+ additional attendees
  • 90% of attendees were women
  • Keynote speakers were only women
  • SME Speakers: 76% women (13 speakers) & 24% men (four speakers)
  • Cyber career village resulted in numerous job postings from event sponsors
  • Slack channels established support for SF DoS community & are ongoing since the event

Most importantly: the DoS SF community is VERY supportive of each other with active participation & many DoSer’s meeting up at industry events throughout the year! Ally-ships in action!

All in all a HUGE success for attendees, diversity & inclusion advocates, & the cybersecurity industry.

We are SUPER excited to announce that Day of Shecurity (DoS) will be brought to Boston, MA on Friday, February 22nd 2019 at the Federal Reserve Bank Boston. We are in the planning phase and are looking for the following in Boston:

  • Early call for speakers & technical workshop presenters – first time presenters are highly encouraged & welcomed by our community!
  • Volunteers (many roles available)
  • Sponsor to host the event
  • Sponsors for Gold, Silver & Bronze sponsorships (for more information reach out to me at for more information)

Be on the lookout for a Day of Shecurity event near you or our Day of Shecurity Presents series focused on continuing the positive disruption occurring in each city we host a DoS event. The time for awareness & talk is OVER – we are about ACTION – join us & together we will create the positive disruption necessary to create real change in the cybersecurity industry!

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