Positive Disruption In Action: Sponsor a Student To Get Trained

Positive disruption” is a term & methodology that I have started to use more often in associating the ability to create the “states of change” we need in order to create a more diverse & inclusive cybersecurity industry. To change for example a solid state (ice) to a liquid state (water) a variable must be introduced for that state to change: heat. In the context of our challenges with the talent shortage in the cybersecurity industry; we MUST be able to accept “educational diversity”. In other words, we must re-define the successful persona patterns many organizations & industry professionals expect to see in candidates: a degree in information technology OR a degree in computer science.

Note: students who seek degrees in computer science & information technology can already SEE themselves working in the information technology & cybersecurity industry.

Why you may ask? Look at the statistics below ….

Wait this is not the entire picture of why educational diversity must be embraced. Look at these statistics below …

I have spoken with thousands of non-computer science & non-information technology degree students & professionals of ALL ages across the United States on how they can have an amazing career in cybersecurity as part of our STEAM Conference Connect Service & on-campus talks about my personal journey into cybersecurity. During these discussions, I often receive two questions:

  1. How do I cover the cost of training (hard skill & soft skill) and or certification?
  2. How can we develop real meaningful ally-ships & mentorships to help guide us on our cybersecurity journey?

These two questions represent the two main barriers that prevent students & professionals of non-computer science & non-information technology disciplines often from entering the cybersecurity industry.

The statistics referenced combined with the two questions above support the fact that the needle of women in cybersecurity has barley moved after 25+ years of awareness. We need to DRASTICALLY shake up the cybersecurity industry & EMBRACE educational diversity to HELP BRING more diverse talent into our industry and we at www.securediversity.org have part of the solution: Sponsor a Student to Get Trained.

The sponsored student will receive training from one of the major cybersecurity certification authority organizations: (ISC)2, SANS, EC-COUNCIL, or ISACA)

If you are interested in sponsoring a student to get trained contact us at info@securediversity.org or kyle@securediversity.org

The investment into these students will result in new talent being added to the cybersecurity workforce allowing organizations to have a consistent pool of qualified talent to fill open requisitions & backfill positions as needed.


Kyle F. Kennedy

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