Secure Diversity: creating actionable change



Every one of you reading this post has the opportunity to make a decision to positively impact the challenging statistics shown above.

Throughout my career, I have always championed efforts supporting women entering technology, information technology, information security, and cyber security. The decisions I made in supporting women in IT efforts throughout the years were, in my opinion, appropriate—however, they never created the type of powerful change I knew was possible when observing the IT / Security industries through a sociological lens: equality, empathy, love, and compassion. Looking through this lens at individuals and societies, and how they interact, we are able to examine what is influencing behavior, attitudes and culture.

I am thrilled that we are expanding our focus to include scholarships to remove financial barriers for entry-level and mid-career professionals transition to a cybersecurity career with the help of our strategic partner (ISC)2. Stay tuned as we will be launching scholarship fundraising events including our one-day conference events throughout 2020. Our first fundraising event will be in Boston, MA. Boston has an incredibly powerful and rich history associated with social change. We hope you can join us at this important fundraising event get together to hear about our 2020 scholarship programs and events.

“…remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors.” — Abigail Adams to husband John Adams, 1776

You can help – come hear how.


Kyle F. Kennedy

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