The STEAM-Conference Connection provides STEAM students the opportunity to volunteer with vendors and sponsors. If you are an exhibitor, sponsor or vendor, please give back to our community by staffing STEAM students at your conference booth. These local students are interested in cybersecurity and will arrive with a basic understanding of the industry, combined with an excitement to engage our community. STEAM students are a critical part of solving the cybersecurity talent shortage. Our STEAM students represent a diversity of genders, races and educational backgrounds and through them, our community will have a stronger opportunity to create inclusive and diverse environments.
The 4 Roles of STEAM-Conference Workers

Vendor Booth Representatives
Will work your company’s trade show booth.

Greeters and Crowd Gatherers
Volunteers to welcome attendees while encouraging them to visit your exhibit. Greeters and Crowd Gatherers provide attendees an excellent first impression of your organization.

Conference Staff
Volunteers to work a conference. Typically entails working an entire event versus one exhibitor at an event.

Product / Service Demonstrators
Demonstrates your product/service functionality or services. Product / Service demonstrators will showcase your products and services explaining the advantages and features to individuals and groups.